Delta (Character) Usage Agreement

1. Commissioned Design by Asunicha (with Design Sheet ownership clarification):

  • Asunicha ("Artist") has been commissioned to create the design sheet/design ("Design") for the character "Delta" ("Character") within the context of Delta Dash ("Game"). While the Character "Delta" remains the exclusive intellectual property of Delta Dash, the Design Sheet itself is owned by Asunicha and is subject to her Terms of Service, available at the following link: Link to Asunicha's Terms of Service. These terms also apply to the usage of the Design Sheet.

2. Commercial Use of the Delta Design:

  • Delta Design may be used for commercial purposes exclusively to promote Delta Dash or create Delta Dash-related merchandise. Any such usage must be in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Design Sheet Restrictions (with Design Sheet ownership clarification):

  • The Design Sheet, in its entirety or in part, shall not be used for commercial purposes, except for artistic promotion authorized by Asunicha, in accordance with her Terms of Service.

4. Artist Credit:

  • Whenever the Design Sheet is displayed on public media, proper credit to Asunicha must be provided, and a link to Asunicha's official Twitter/X Account should be included.

5. Commercial Use of "Delta":

  • The Character "Delta" is a central component of Delta Dash and shall not be used for commercial purposes outside the scope of Delta Dash's branding and promotion, except as allowed for Asunicha in accordance with her Terms of Service.

6. Content Restrictions:

  • Users and artists are strictly prohibited from creating, sharing, or associating Delta or Delta Dash with any content or depictions that:
    • Promote or glorify illegal activities, such as war crimes, rape, or other harmful actions.
    • Encourage or involve harm to individuals or groups.

7. Enforcement:

  • Delta Dash reserves the right to enforce the terms of this Agreement and take appropriate actions in the event of prohibited content or unauthorized commercial usage, including requesting the removal of such content and pursuing legal remedies if necessary.

8. Commercial Use by Third Parties:

  • No party, other than Asunicha, shall be allowed to use the Design or any part of Delta for commercial purposes without obtaining prior written consent from Delta Dash. Requests for such usage should be made in writing and shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Delta Dash reserves the right to approve or deny such requests at its discretion.

9. Character Integrity and Reputation:

  • Users, artists, and third parties must ensure that any use or depiction of Delta respects the character's integrity and reputation. The character Delta shall not be used in any context that may tarnish or damage the character's image, reputation, or branding. Any usage that may be deemed detrimental to Delta Dash's interests or the character Delta's reputation will be subject to Delta Dash's review and potential legal action.

10. Derivative Works:

  • Users and artists are allowed to create derivative works of Delta, but such works must be in keeping with Delta Dash's vision and values. Delta Dash retains the right to review and approve or disapprove any derivative works based on Delta's character.

11. Exclusive Usage Rights:

  • Delta Dash retains exclusive rights to use Delta in its games, merchandise, and promotional materials. This exclusivity ensures that Delta remains closely associated with Delta Dash's brand and products.

12. Reporting Unauthorized Usage:

  • Users and artists are encouraged to report any unauthorized or potentially harmful usage of Delta to Delta Dash. Delta Dash will take appropriate actions to protect the character's interests.