Mods in Delta Dash

In Delta Dash, there are 11 mods that can be used to modify gameplay. These mods are categorized into three categories: Easier, Harder, and Spectate.


  • No Fail: Prevents the game from ever giving game overs, making it easier for players to complete maps.
  • Slow Mo: Reduces game speed to 0.75, making maps easier to play and hit notes accurately.
  • One Side: Sets every note to come from the right of the screen, allowing players to focus on hitting notes from one direction.


  • No Miss: Instantly fails the player for any missed notes, making maps more challenging.
  • Speedrun: Increases game speed to 1.5, making maps faster and more difficult to hit notes accurately.
  • Mix Up: Randomizes note directions, making it more difficult for players to anticipate where the notes will come from.
  • Mirror: Inverts note directions, making notes come from the opposite side of the screen than they usually would.
  • Hidden: Hides the notes when they approach the judgement line, making it more difficult for players to hit notes accurately.


  • Auto: Makes the game play any maps with a perfect score, but does not send a score to the leaderboard.
  • Cinematic: Hides the entire user interface and shows the background, making it ideal for players to enjoy the design of maps.

Here is a table of all mod multipliers:

Mod Mod Multiplier
No Fail 0.5
Slow Mo 0.65
One Side 0.8
No Miss 1
Speedrun 1.15
Mix Up 1.18
Mirror 1.06
Hidden 1.12
Auto 1 (Not Submitted)
Cinematic 1 (Not Submitted